How to Smoothly Make Your Ex Feel Attracted to You Again! Smooth Player Tips Which Always Work!

Published: 27th May 2010
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Your ex isn't all that attracted to you anymore. Maybe they are even dating someone else and have tried to move on in their life. While that stings to think that your ex may be seeing other people, you no longer have to worry about it, because once you use these smooth player tips, you will easily and smoothly be able to make your ex feel attracted to you again....

Being the player

To be the player, all you have to do is literally prioritize yourself so that you no longer care about your ex, at least openly. This means that you can no longer show your ex that you care about him/her.

This in effect also means you have to ignore your ex and make them work for you again. This technique is used by players all the time, and always gets them a date, because people love the challenge it presents, and psychologically it makes people go nuts when you use it...

Ignoring your ex

You might be wondering how this is a "smooth" move for getting your ex back, but in reality it sure is. In fact, it's so slick that it will literally make your ex feel so many emotions in one go, without them even realizing what you are doing.

Once you ignore your ex, they immediately feel and think the following:

o Am I no longer desirable?
o Am I being ignored....did I do something wrong?
o Why don't they like me anymore...?
o Have they found someone else, are they replacing me?
o Have they forgotten me?
o Will I be alone....?

And so forth...your ex will even go so far as to become jealous thinking that the reason you are ignoring them is because you are dating again. But in a nutshell, your ex will literally feel attention deprived, and will seek your approval again just to get rid of the empty feeling you have now created.

Having standards

This time around, you aren't going to just hand out your attention to your ex either. Instead, you are going to suggest that he/she is now BELOW your standards, and in turn this will challenge them to prove themselves to you.

To show your ex that you have standards, you will no longer accept any of the old tricks they used to use on you. If they ask you for money, refuse. If your ex tries to see you, say you are busy, or that you don't look back in the past.

Either way, give your ex the impression that they are no longer good enough for you. You can also do this by thanking them for the breakup alongside ignoring them, which in turn makes them want to seek your approval even more, because it will feel like rejection to him/her.

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