How to Pull Your Ex Back When it Seems There is No Hope? Know This As Fast As Possible

Published: 17th May 2010
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If your breakup has affected your ex in such a manner that he/she is unwilling to even think about getting back together then do not sink into the depths of depression.

There are certain ways that can help you to pull your ex back even when it seems there is no hope.

Apologize to your mentally mauled ex. Most of the anger within your ex will surely fizzle out once you apologize to your ex for any errors made on your part. This will enable your ex to look past the wall of anger and also realize that you too have been hurt from the inside. Your ex could also counter your apology with one of his/her own, and open up the doors of communication.

Stay in touch with your ex's family and friends. Even after the breakup, make sure that you are on talking terms with your ex's family and friends. They will be of great support to you and if they too feel that the breakup was not right then they are sure to convey it to your ex that both of you should definitely work things out again.

Play the flirting game. This move is fraught with danger so play with care. Flirt at parties where your ex is present and watch your ex squirm uncomfortably as feelings of jealousy and desire awaken within him/her. If possible, involve a close friend in this play-acting session so as to remain free from any complications in future. This could turn around the entire attitude of your ex and he/she might now try to win you back, although this move could also backfire unpleasantly if your ex decides that you too have decided to move on.

Arrange for one last meeting. Get common friends to convince your ex for one last meeting to thrash out all thorny issues standing between a tearful re-union with your ex. Go prepared to that meeting and adopt a flexible stand without getting all worked up. Your ex might like your newly acquired maturity and melt right into your loving arms again.

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