How to Make Your Ex Desperately Want You Back - Read This Before It's Too Late For You

Published: 21st May 2010
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Sometimes our pride is too high that we rather wait for our ex to pursue us than pursuing them even though we truly love them so much. So, if you can't lower down your pride but you are desperate to get him or her back, then here are 4 tips to make your ex come back without risking your pride.

Your Ex will Desperately Want You Back If:

1. You Become Too Successful in Life

- If the reason behind the break up is your dependency to him or her or to your parents, then it is time to change the way you live your life. Successful people can attract any type of people but being useless and pathetic can attract more bad karma. It is okay being a dreamer but you have to make an effort to achieve your dreams.

2. You Become Too Attractive and Your Aura glows

- Your aura dictates your feelings, emotions and personality. Once you achieve happiness within you, your aura will grow and thus you can attract more people. So instead of feeling down and desperate about failed love, live your life to the fullest and think positively. Good karma will soon come.

3. You Become Your Ex's Family and Friends' Friend

- When you become too attach to your ex's family and friends, it will be easy for you to get closer to your ex. And if you gain their trust and loyalty, they will be willing to psych war your ex to make him or her realize how important you are.

4. You Become Too Cold and Too Insensitive About Your Ex's Feelings

- Show him or her indirectly how much he or she lost after leaving you. Never communicate after you said your goodbyes and go out with another person. Though you and your ex are still hurting, going out can make your ex feel insecure and more confuse. Soon, your ex will regret leaving you.

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