How to Make My Ex Desire Me Again - 10 Hardcore Techniques Which Work in All Cases

Published: 05th May 2010
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Your ex would be hurt, angry and disheartened with the breakup and so would you. But instead of going down the road of separation, you will need to make your ex desire you again.

Here are 10 tips on how you could make your ex do mental jumps of desire.

1- Get your best Saturday night clothes, trim those locks and make those triceps look like biceps. No way is your ex going to fail to notice the new you.

2- Learn a quick new skill like singing, playing the guitar or saxophone and impress your ex along with many others in the next party.

3- Even when dating a new guy/gal to make your ex jealous; slowly gaze over your ex to make him/her crazy with jealousy and desire.

4- If you know that your ex is usually depressed at nights then make it a point to call up during the night. This will make your ex even more dependent on you.

5- Remember to give only a fleeting glimpse of yourself whenever you appear in front of your ex. Do not remain totally available for your ex.

6- Help out your ex if he/she requires your help but ensure that your ex realizes the effort that you have put in.

7- Remind your ex of the fun times that you shared. Slowly lead the topic towards the lustful moments spent in the bedroom, among other rooms. This should get your ex burning with desire in no time.

8- You can also dress in those clothes that were preferred by your ex. This will also take your ex down memory lane.

9- Be the bigger person and apologize to your ex for any mistakes committed in the past. This will be appreciated by your ex and will also make him/her desire you mentally.

10- Play hard to get with your ex. Bewilder your ex by indicating a willingness to return with patches of cold behavior. This will result in your ex going wild with desire and also getting tensed up at the same time.

Use these 10 tips and watch your ex burn with desire like a satellite entering the earth's orbit.

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