Does She Like Me? 3 Extremely Easy Ways to Find Out Whether a Girl Likes You Or Not

Published: 27th April 2010
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It's easy to see when a girl likes you. Just observe her keenly and there writ on her face and in her body language will be numerous indications that she likes you...

Her expressions-

Facial expressions are a tremendous way to read a woman's mind to know if she likes you or not. The eyes speak volumes without actually voicing things verbally. The expression and look in her eyes will soften, accompanied by a look of tenderness when with you. Even the way she speaks with you will be sufficient indication of whether or not she likes you. The fact that she is indulging or prolonging a conversation with you is a sure shot sign of her affiliation to you.

Her gestures-

A woman's gestures are the next to give indications of liking you. The secret lies in being able to read into the gestures and signs through the various movements of hand, head, eyes and body. If she replies or talks in as flirtatious or humorous a manner as you have been engaging in while talking with her, you'll surely know that she likes you. At the same time she may show signs of shyness initially. You will also gauge her liking when she accepts your outstretched hand to help her at an appropriate moment. Accepting your attention in various little ways will tell you she likes you.

Her behavior-

Her response to your many advances right from the initial stages when you approach her to strike up an acquaintance with her on an innocent pretext would show she likes you. She may even indulge in conversation with you though she does not know you. This encouragement itself should go in your favor to advance the acquaintance. All these indications will give you the confidence of being liked by the woman you have approached.

There should be no doubt left now in your mind as to whether she likes you or not. With all these attentions and responses you can go ahead and date her with the utmost confidence.

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