Does My Ex Still Want Me Back? 7 Proven Keys to Read Your Ex's Mind Before It's Too Late

Published: 27th May 2010
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After breaking up, you will realize how much you truly love your ex and you will begin to think of ways on how to get your ex back. However, if you are not sure of what your ex feels about you, then your efforts of getting your ex back might be wasted. For you to be reunited with your ex, the feelings should be mutual and not one way.

It may be hard to determine if your ex still likes you, but there are signs that you can observe to help you determine if you and your ex still feels the same towards each other.

1. Your ex is still talking to you

One positive sign that your ex still likes you is that he/she is still talking to you. If your ex doesn't have any feelings for you, he/she won't waste time talking to you. Aside from that, he/she will also stop communicating with you if he/she doesn't like you anymore.

2. Asking about your whereabouts

After breaking up, your ex shouldn't care about you anymore or get curious about your personal life. However, if your ex often asks about your whereabouts then it means that he/she is still concerned about you and still likes you.

3. Your ex likes to open up topics about the past

During your conversations, notice the topics that your ex opens up. If it is usually about the past when you were still together, then it is a positive sign that your ex still likes you.

4. Your former partner is curious about your current status

If your former partner is curious whether you are dating or not, then you should realize that he/she is still interested in you. This is a good sign that you can already initiate your moves of getting your ex back in your life.

5. He/she would "accidentally" bump into you

You would notice that your ex is often at the places where you usually hangout and would "accidentally" bump into you. This is a sign that your ex would want to see you often and would like to be with you.

6. Your ex invited you for a date

Obviously, this is a sign that your ex still likes you. Asking you out for a date means that he/she is still not over you and would like to be with you. If this is the scenario, then you wouldn't have much problems of having him/her back in your life.

7. Your ex gets jealous whenever you are socializing with other people

If your former partner is getting jealous whenever you are socializing with others, then that means that he/she still has feelings for you.

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