2 Keys Which Will Spark Instant Attraction With Any Woman Fast! Every Man Should Know This!

Published: 26th May 2010
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If you want to spark instant attraction with any woman and have her chasing you around, then you must know these keys:

#1: Get playful, but in a manner which IGNORES her emotions

Now this isn't for those who have a weak heart, but you should literally insult her, BUT playfully, and let me tell you why...

Whenever you get playful with a woman, verbally, you test her and challenge her in ways that other men do not. This in turn entices an emotional and psychological response from her which works in your favor, even if you outright said something that was so rude.

That is why the bad guys can always win women over so easily, because they are acting playful, challenging, and are making her feel as though she is NOT what they want entirely.

This is much like playing hard to get, but takes it a step further by getting really playful. Some good examples you can use to do this, without really hurting her feelings are:

"That dress would look good on you if everyone else wasn't wearing the same thing"

"You have a piece of hair sticking out... but don't worry, it kind of makes you look as if you didn't take a shower today, and lots of other guys probably like dirty girls"

"One of your boobs is sagging...but that's ok, because the other one looks just fine. I'm sure a one eyed guy would have no problem with it"

This will build attraction, because you are making her seek your approval, and you are forcing her to literally meet your virtual standards, which are the standards you set up when you used this tactic.

#2: Play harder than she does

You obviously don't want to go for really easy women, because they appear to have no self respect and are extremely insecure. Most women will play hard to get, if they have standards, and you basically need to play harder than she does.

Make her work for you and make her buy your drink. Make her ask for your number, and you can do all of this by suggesting to her that she wants you and being extremely confident.

She may deny it at first, and act as if she does not, but the fact of the matter is that once you do this, she will immediately feel enticed by you, because you subconsciously tell her that you are a high class male who has high standards which she is below.

This in turn will make her feel as though she should prove to you that she is in fact better than you, and that she is the catch, but don't fall for these games.

When you do this, she will feel attracted to you more than any other guy, because you are giving her a REASON to want you, rather than simply begging and pleading with her, through compliments, buying her drinks and every other typical approach method.

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