Your Ex Will Run Away From You If You Act Miserable! 7 Reasons Why You Should Act Emotionally Strong

Published: 29th May 2010
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If you think that your streaming tears will attract your ex back into your life then you could simply run dry without any response from your ex. Even if your ex does respond favorably to your tears, this pitiful union will not last long.

You must act strong to win back not only the love of your ex but also the respect if you want your new relationship to be a better one.

Acting miserable will only make you look weak By acting miserable, needy and clingy, you will only look weak in front of your ex. Your ex is sure to lose respect for you and it will only reinforce his/her thought that it was the right decision to split up with you.

You need to develop self esteem In order to become strong again, it is vital that you first develop your own self esteem. You should try to improve your looks, your clothes, your body, and most importantly your attitude.

Your demeanor will surely receive a boost once you look at yourself in the mirror each morning and like what you see. This will also attract your ex towards you again as your positive attitude will spill over to those around you.

Control your urge to contact your ex You will also need to control your urge to show your new looks to your ex or ask for his/her views. Remember that your ex has broken up with you. You should only allow your ex to look at you from a distance and if he/she does bump into you, talk calmly and maturely and more importantly, briefly.

Act as if you are enjoying yourself Take your new attitude a little further and party along with your friends. Let your ex observe the cheerful new you even as doubts of insecurity now start to gather in his/her mind.

Your ex might now get afraid that you could move on ahead without him/her and this will now compel your ex to review the entire breakup again.

Get your professional life back on track too Instead of simply getting your social life on track, make sure that you also get your professional life on its rails again. Go back into your work routine as this move too will make you financially and mentally strong. Looking at a mature and confident new you, a reluctant sigh of appreciation is sure to escape from your ex's lips.

Let your ex now approach you If it was your ex that had broken off all contact with you then you should now avoid your ex. This will force your ex to act again since by now he/she would have been smitten by your maturity, your revised beauty and your confident demeanor. The tide would now have truly turned in your favor.

Remain strong even if your ex calls for a meeting If your ex now requests for a reunion meeting then do not give in to his/her demands. Remain strong and sort out any irritating point that might assume gigantic problems in your new relationship. Your ex might grudgingly approve your new avatar and give in to your demands.

Your ex will only return back to you if you manage to earn his/her respect. Use these tips and watch your ex admiringly embrace you in his/her arms again.

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