Why Won't My Ex Return My Phone Calls? The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Ex Doesn't Call You Back!

Published: 27th May 2010
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You call and call and call, and your ex NEVER calls back. You have left them countless messages, pouring your heart out to a machine, hoping that your ex will hear it and change their mind...

Then you find yourself asking "why won't my ex return my phone calls?"....

But WHY?

Honestly speaking, there are MANY reasons why your ex is refusing to return your phone calls, however almost always there are only 5 major reasons why your ex doesn't call you back:

1). "The plea". You call your ex, and then you are suddenly begging your ex to call you back, or take you back.....and it only gives your ex this image of frantic desperation that makes them want to run as far away from you as possible.

There is literally nothing more pathetic looking than pleading with someone. Cut it out!

2) "Fake emergencies". If there is one way to really break trust and betray your ex's good intentions, this would be it. Telling your ex that you have an emergency by saying "it's an emergency, something bad happened, call me back!", will only make your ex feel you are betraying their trust.

3) "The guilt trip".... Acting as if they must be stupid for not taking you back, blaming them for things, and literally trying to use them to get over your fear of being alone, these are all forms of the guilt trip, where you try and make your ex take you back by making them feel guilty or trying to make them feel as if they are making a mistake.

Your ex knows it, and they don't like it...instead, it just makes them dislike you, and ignore you.

4) Playing the romantic...sending your ex an EXTREMELY long email which sounds like a script from a love movie, and expecting them to feel the same way. It's even worse when you leave them this message on their phone. This pushes your ex away and makes them feel as if you are trying to blow smoke up their butt, love isn't said, but is DONE. Show them you love them with ACTION.

5) Acting innocent....acting as if you did nothing wrong, and telling your ex they should take you back now, because you didn't do anything wrong, and it's all THEIR fault. Obviously this won't make your ex want you back because you are just passing blame and are not taking responsibility for anything! How on earth did you really think this would make your ex want to return your calls or talk to you ever again?

It really only tells your ex that you aren't willing to change and are always going to think you are right when you are wrong.

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