Why Do People Cheat? 3 Most Common Reasons You Shouldn't Miss at Any Cost

Published: 30th March 2010
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Infidelity is something which is not uncommon but when it comes in a relation it destroys a happy companionship. There are lots of reasons for adultery, which may include lack of good sexual relation or lack of attention. However apart of these there are other reasons which are not sexual but worth mentioning.

Lack of respect and worthlessness-

When one of the partners starts feeling that the other person is not giving enough respect or makes the person suffer humiliation then he / she starts looking out for love else where. They feel happy to be with a person who makes them feel worthy and who helps in retaining their self esteem. It is very essential to respect each other and give enough credit in a relationship. After all it takes two to make a relationship and each person's role is equally important.

Getting even-

It often happens that one of the partner's once upon a time has not been faithful or has done something which makes the other person angry. This anger takes form of revenge and to get even he/she ends up cheating. It is therefore best desired to get over one's anger and discuss the matter with your partner. If you cant get over it then its best for both to move on.

Lack of attention-

This is one of the most common reasons for cheating on your partner. Often people get so involved in things around them that they start taking their partner for granted. Then the partner starts looking out for love outside the relationship and ends up with a person who makes them feel more loved. Lack of attention and good physical relation can play havoc in one's life.
There are many other reasons like possessiveness, jealousy, self destruction or plain reason of having fun for spoiling a good relation. Whatever the reason may be it is better to not give way to temptations and be more understanding. A proper communication between the partners regarding any issues would be beneficial before things get messed up.

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