What Your Ex Doesn't Want You to Know! The Dirty Little Secret You Can Use to Get Your Ex Back!

Published: 27th May 2010
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What if your ex was keeping something from you...something huge? What if this thing was so big, in fact, that it could COMPLETELY change the way your situation is right now?

Would you want to know what this "big secret" was then? Well of course you do!

Read on to find out what your ex doesn't want you to know, and the dirty little secret which will help you get your ex back...

Enjoying the breakup

What better way to get your ex back, than to go on a vacation away from them, because they NEVER made you happy...or at least that is what you are going to make them think.

You may be wondering how enjoying a breakup can make your ex change their mind or want to come back, but trust me, it does.

You see, when you enjoy the breakup, you instantly tell your ex that they were strangling you and weren't letting you breathe when you were together. This of course won't rest well with your ex, and in turn will make him/her feel as though they were holding you back.

In turn, the real secret here, is "GUILT". You are going to send your ex on a guilt trip so strong, that he/she will literally end up having a huge emotional response to this, and will want you back.

How to enjoy the breakup and make your ex notice

So lets say your ex isn't even speaking to you right now, and even if they are, cut off all contact immediately.

What you will want to do now, is you will want to send your ex this SMS or email:

"Whoa! What a great idea! Thankyou so much for breaking up with me! So much has happened, and I always thought we should break up, and I was right!"

This will instantly make your ex's eyes pop open wide, and make them think "what the heck..!?!" Not only this, but your ex will instantly get the impression that you are over them, AND you no longer want them.

You should also proceed to go out and have as much "adventurous" fun as possible. Meet new people, take pictures, go on dates, and even become friends with people your ex knows. This will further assert the impression to your ex, that you no longer want them.

The psychological response

What will happen then, is your ex will start fearing loss, and will fear that they are no longer accepted by you. This will hurt their feelings, and in turn will make them want to PROVE that you should still want them, by chasing you around, because they will want to get rid of that lonely feeling.

In turn your ex will stop taking you for granted, and will literally try to get you back now.

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