What to Do If a Woman Wants to Be Just Friends? Here is How to Get Out of the Dreaded Friends Zone

Published: 26th May 2010
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Many a times you meet a nice girl, go on a fun date with her and the next day she says that you are a nice guy but she likes being just friends with you. And you are left wondering what does this mean? Is she bypassing you politely or does she genuinely want to be "just friends"?

At a time like this the ball is in your court. If you want something more than friendship then it's time to look at what you can do. But firstly, don't let your disappointment show. And secondly, don't expect things to change by 'being there' as the sweet and sensitive guy. If you want her as more than a friend then use the long road with some help.

o Get on with your life: Don't wait further to get on with your life. Put this experience behind you and try to figure out why this happened and if you are sending out some 'friend' signal. You should also treat her like you would treat any of your regular friends.

So hang up when you don't want to hear her whine and stop paying for her meals when you go out. You are also allowed to say no if you don't want to do something.

o Begin dating other women: You must begin dating other women soon after this fiasco. What is the point in waiting if she needs you to just be her emotional crutch?

So, hang out with her when you want to attract other women to you. By nature women want what others have and this is an excellent way of attracting other women and making your new friend rethink the 'just friends' rubbish that she gave you.

o Talk of other women: When you are with this friend talk of all the different kind of women you are dating. Give her the lowdown of what you did and make her see the amount of fun that you are having.

This is going to drive her mad, as she will feel that she could be the one who could have been the centre of all that attention. She will begin to feel jealous and will start wanting you in a way which is more than 'just good friends'!

o Be in control: You have to be the person in charge. If you don't want her to go on about her new dates and all the guy trouble that she is having, then don't. If she calls you every time because she needs something done then say no. Let her solve her own problems.

After a point she will get the message that you are not interested in her exploits and that you have enough friends to want to make more at this point.

She'll either leave you alone or start chasing you instead!

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