What to Do If a Girl is Playing Too Hard to Get Or is Constantly Testing You Out? Read This Now

Published: 27th May 2010
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A lot of guys tend to get extra nervous when they are being tested by a female. But a common fact most men do not understand is that it's common female nature to test men in fact females test men all the time.

And the interesting thing is that most men aren't even aware of it. There are some sure fire ways to tackle the female tests and get her back even when she is playing too hard to get. Read on to discover some of the most interesting ways on how this can be done...

Don't fall into her trap...I repeat...Don't fall into her trap...

Most guys end up falling into the female trap the moment she starts questioning the guy. Here is a common example of this...A female might say to you-

I don't date guys like you...Sorry!

A lot of guys take this too seriously and often end up falling into the trap. A fact you must understand is that females don't often say what they mean or mean what they say.

If she says she won't date guys like you then it doesn't really mean she wont date you. What she is truly asking you here is to prove your true self worth to her. She is asking you- Tell me why I should date you? Therefore here is how you should tackle this...Respond by saying something like-

We've just met...And you are already thinking about dating me. Take it slow sister

And bam...This is where you will get your power back because not only did you reject her comment but at the same time are testing her out by saying this.

Agree and exit tactic...

This is another extremely strong tactic you can use when a woman is trying to test you or is playing too hard to get. The last thing a woman would want a man to do is to just ignore her comment and act as if her statement didn't make much difference.

And this is exactly what you will do using this tactic. For instance if a woman says-

You are not that good looking...I only date good looking guys...

You should respond by saying-

I know I am too hard to handle for you...You should find one of those Barbie faced guys who act all nice and cuddly. We won't get along anyway...

And exit after saying that. When you tackle the situation this way not only would this leave her confused but she will also feel massive amounts of attraction towards you.

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