What Motivates a Person to Cheat? 5 Major Reasons Why a Person Ends Up Cheating

Published: 30th April 2010
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People cheat one on another for various reasons and this is common in relationships as well. Lovers are also prone to end up cheating on the other one. Many times it's a question of revenge and betrayal on the other's part. A relationship is fuelled by love, understanding and most of all trust.

Listed below are five valid reasons that may motivate a person to cheat...

In a relationship, there needs to be mutual understanding between the partners. Levels of respect and individuality need to be maintained. Sufficient love and appreciation should be given to each other. Failing which resentment and ill will sets in and thoughts to deceive one another begin to take root.

Its one thing to be in a thriving relationship and another to be in a boring stagnant one. Both he and she need to be open to change. This keeps the relationship ever fresh. Lack of adventure could also be a lane to betrayal.

Sexual inadequacy is another reason for a partner to cheat on the other. This is one of the major reasons as well. Sexual desires and drives of both partners must more or less match.

A willingness and openness between partners is essential for the relationship to be based on a strong foundation. Talking things out is a very healthy practice as being opaque can lead to the search for listening ears outside the relationship. That is dangerous!

Trying to find someone who is perfect is another mistake many folks make. Let me tell you no one is perfect. This desire will make a person become a persistent cheater. This mentality will never allow a person to be happy, satisfied and content in a relationship. So, quit being driven by this crazy driver.

These are five good reasons why anyone will succumb to cheating. It is not an advisable practice and one would do good to refrain from it.

Cheaters will always be miserable!

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