Want "Effective" Ways to Get Your Ex Back? How About 3 Ways That Are Proven to Win Them Over?

Published: 26th May 2010
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It all depends on what your meaning of 'effective' is. It could mean quick results without too much effort, which is always good, but doesn't usually happen. More often, its shock and awe that's effective. You hit the enemy with excessive firepower, and before you know it, victory is yours. Read on to find out the proven method to get your ex back pronto...

Improve what you can on the outside first...

You can start by giving yourself a whole new look, so that it pulls the rug out from under your ex's feet, and makes your ex fall in love with you all over again.

And it makes sense too - one of the reasons your ex dumped you is because the old spark is just not there anymore. Only way to get back the good old spark is to be the good old you - the one your ex fell in love with. Improve your fitness, get new clothes and turn on the charm.

Play a little game...see who can have more fun...

You could also actually consider invading your ex's turf. I'm sure you and your ex each had your own likes and dislikes, and now that you're not together, your ex is probably doing all the things that you don't like, but your ex likes.

So join in - if your ex likes to go jogging in the morning mist, strap on your Nikes and hit the park. If your ex used to go to ball games while you went to art galleries, dump Picasso and Rembrandt and start rooting for your ex's favorite sports team.

The point here is to wow your ex into discovering a new you, who loves all the things your ex loves, and you can spend more time together and discuss things which both of you are interested in. It makes a big difference. This will also make your ex envious in the process, so why not knock two birds with one stone anyways.

Sneaky trick which works...

You can also lay siege to your ex, and send in a Trojan horse or two. Talk to all your ex's friends and family members, and convince them that keeping the relationship alive is what's best for your ex. Once all these people start bombarding your ex with advice on getting back together with you, your ex will surrender and let you in.

And lastly, never underestimate the power of dialogue. No sense in wasting ammunition if all you need to do is talk. Long before a couple breaks up, they stop having meaningful conversations. Fill in the gaps, find out what's been going on in your ex's life, and have a nice, meaningful conversation where you listen to your ex and your ex listens to you.

Once you know each others' problems and positions on vexing issues, most of the things you fought over or got angry with will start seeming trivial or based on false premises. This is the best, easiest and most effective way to get back your ex.

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