Vital Conversation Tips Which Will Help You Pick Up Women Fast! Simple Yet Effective Tips

Published: 24th May 2010
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A lot of men don't think that conversation is an important aspect of picking up women, but in fact, in the dating world, it is absolutely critical to your game with women. What a lot of men fail to understand, is that women can pick up a lot of things from what you say, how you say it, and especially towards your conversational approach.

Often times, this means that a woman can easily blow you off, or turn you down, even when you haven't even begun to really have a conversation, but why? You see, women don't like the usual approach, it's boring, and that's the approach which most men take. But let me show you an approach which will effectively draw attention from women in any conversation...

Those Dead-end Questions - Before we begin with the good kind of conversation, let's point out the kind of conversation which most women will find extremely plain, boring, and even repulsive. Here are some common questions that men may go for when trying to engage with a woman:

o How many brothers and sisters do you have?
o Where were you born/where are you from?
o What do you do for a living?
o What's your favorite color?
o What do you do for fun?
o What kinds of things do you like?
o What's your favorite TV show?
o What's your favorite drink?
o Etc...

Open Ended Questions- Now, you get my point, and what these kinds of questions are, is they are open ended questions, which means they could literally have any answer or response, and do you really care all that much in that moment? Probably not, and neither will she, because the questions are not engaging enough.

Women love to be emotionally driven, and that is what you need to effectively do when engaging in a conversation with a woman: you need to emotionally drive her so that her interest cannot turn anywhere else but onto you.

The Questions She Can't Answer-This may seem a little impossible at first, but all you have to do, is literally start the conversation off with a statement, or even a question, to which she will not be able to answer immediately. You want her to think about you, not about herself, and not about how boring of a time she is having.

So how do you accomplish this? Well simply put, you have to ask questions which she cannot immediately answer, and basically you turn the question into a statement. The best way to effectively do this, is to be a little bit overly self assertive, and simply use rhetorical questions and statements.

This leaves her feeling as if she has to figure you out, because you are not allowing her to answer as in a normal approach, and secondly it makes her think more than twice, so much so that she doesn't even have time to reject you, because you will be onto the next part of the conversation immediately.

Basically the whole point is to challenge her, and make her emotionally drawn into you and your conversation, by creating an atmosphere that leaves her trying to figure out what you are all about.

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