Sure Shot Signs of a Cheating Spouse! Sure Shot Tricks to Bust a Cheater Red Handed

Published: 12th May 2010
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If your spouse is not an expert in cheating and has simply fallen hook, line and sinker for another person then he/she is sure to radiate signs of cheating even without realizing it.

You should be aware of these 4 tips that will provide sure shot signs of a cheating spouse.

The 1st tip to look out for is your spouse 'supposedly' coming late from office on a regular basis.

The suspicious part is when your spouse starts turning off his/her mobile phone during such times and also claims that he/she will not be in the office but would instead be outside in a 'late' meeting.

The 2nd tip would be to look at your spouse's clothes when he/she turns up late, which would now be with increased frequency.

If your spouse looks as if he/she was still in those clothes when it went in the washing machine and dryer then something is definitely dirty. Your spouse might come home disheveled and might even try to disguise suspicious stains.

The 3rd tip would be to notice physical and mental changes in your spouse.

If you find that your spouse has suddenly decided to dye his/her hair, wear new clothes, and visit the spa almost daily in a sudden bid to look young again then there is surely someone in his/her life that is definitely younger than you.

The 4th tip is to watch your spouse's mobile and text habits.

If your spouse suddenly starts lip-locking with the phone instead of speaking loudly and coherently or suddenly starts getting a lot of 'wrong' numbers in your presence then there is surely a 'wrong' person on the other end of the line.

You should look out for these 4 tips that will indicate that your spouse has started cheating behind your back. Use them and then take adequate steps to catch your unfaithful spouse in action.

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