Sure Shot Psychological Ways to Get Your Ex Back! Trust Me, You Don't Want to Miss This at Any Cost

Published: 20th May 2010
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Have you been crying every night simply because you cannot sleep thinking about your ex boyfriend? Have you been so pathetic crying over things that reminded you about him? Are you still confused about the cause of your break up? These are just few things that one experiences after a painful break up. However you cannot just stay in this stone-cold truth of break up. You can do something using sure shot psychological ways to get your ex back.

All human beings have psychological triggers that are extremely powerful and virtually hand you the key to getting your ex back.

Acknowledge the break up - This is not an easy strategy. However, this will make him feel that you valued his decisions. Tell him that you are thankful for all the times that he made you happy. In addition, tell him that you never regret the time you were once his girl.

Make him believe that you really understood his decisions - A break up is always confusing but if you want him back, make him believe that you know how he feels. Do this by showing him that you tried to cope despite the pain. You can give him a smile that will immediately change to a sad or blank face the moment you turn away your face from him. This will give him a hint that your feelings for him will never change and that you just set him free because that is how much you loved him.

Look your best - After the break up, the man expected that you would become the most undesirable woman because of your puffy eyes due to sleepless crying nights. Pamper yourself, get a new hairstyle and go shopping; simply look dazzling not stressed out. Doing so might trigger a new kind interest from him.

Pretend that you need his help but you will ask him about it - Men loves to think that they are heroes. They loved it when a helpless lady comes to them for help as if they are the modern heroes. If he sees you doing something he knows you cannot do , he'll expect you to ask his help. But when you tried to do it yourself they will realize that you mean it when you said you let him go. That will make him feel that you are learning to live without him.

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