Sure Shot Exercises to Grow Taller! Ultra Effective Exercises Which Bring Extremely Fast Results

Published: 14th May 2010
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If you are young yet short and want to increase your height then there are certain exercises that can help those limbs to stretch out and help you grow tall. Along with foods that promote bone and muscle growth the right exercises can help you to increase your height.

Stretch out to the stars. Stretching is a wonderful way of warming up your body as well as stretching those cartilages, tendons and various joints of your body. Do not concentrate only on stretching your legs but make sure that you also stretch your spinal column, arms and neck with the right type of stretching exercises that focus on the particular part of your body.

Swim away to a taller you. In addition to stretching you can also try swimming regularly. Swimming not only helps you to lose fat and tone up your body but the lack of gravity in the swimming pool can also help you to stretch out to the maximum as you complete your laps in free-style or any other style that involves stretching out into the water to propel yourself forward.

Hang yourself. That's right. Hanging by your hands from a bar or by your feet on a reverse incline bench too can be fruitful in stretching those limbs to the maximum. Remember to do these exercises only if they do not result in pain in your wrists or ankles and only after a proper warm-up.

Go cycling or jogging. You can go cycling, but remember that the height of the saddle should be increased so that the pedals require you to stretch out. Similarly jogging, sprinting or playing games such as basketball also require stretching out your legs and hands and can be useful in increasing your height to a certain extent. Again, it is important that you get a proper warm-up and engage in basic stretching exercises before indulging in any sports activities.

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