Super Easy Ways to Find Out If Your Spouse is Disloyal! You Must Know This Before It's Too Late

Published: 10th May 2010
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Staying in a relationship or marriage when you have doubts about your partner's fidelity and faithfulness will take a toll on your mental and physical well being. Don't drive yourself round the bend wondering what you did wrong or why the marriage has gone stale and sour. You need to find out if you are really being betrayed by your spouse.

A change in your spouse's behavior will tell you what you want to know. Unnecessary bouts of temper and flashes of anger aimed at you, a defensive attitude when you question him/her, a refusal to take part or get involved in family activities any more, are some of the characteristics of a spouse itching to get away!

Have your friends told you lately that your spouse has been seeing shooting his/her mouth off in bars, running you down and making disparaging remarks about you? If this is not a sure sign of disloyalty then we wonder what is! Being critical about you in public is a kind of way your spouse is trying to justify his/her actions.

If you find your spouse has been accusing somebody else of infidelity and cheating it could be that he/she is trying to hide behind a fa├žade that he/she is trying to build. Be wary of statements like these and test every situation before making judgments. A disloyal spouse will always try to cover his/her tracks by putting the attention on someone else. It could be you he/she is trying to blame!

Lame excuses made to avoid going to bed with you, a lack of interest in your body no matter what you do to spice up your sex life, should send you signals that your spouse's sexual drive is being satisfied by someone other than you.

If your spouse is being disloyal and unfaithful, then it is more than likely that he/she is carrying a huge burden of guilt as 'extra luggage' that needs to be tackled. Be discreet yet firm in dealing with him/her.

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