Starting From Scratch to Get Your Ex Back! The Secret to Successfully Pulling Your Ex Back!

Published: 26th May 2010
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What do you do when everything else fails? Do you just give up completely, or do you start from scratch again? Well in this case, I sure hope you aren't going to give up, because I know you want your ex back badly.

But, did you know that starting from scratch in this case is actually the most successful way to pull your ex back? Let me show you why....

Starting from scratch, the first time...

Think back to when you first met your were in fact starting from scratch then, were you not? You had to work to get their attention, ask them what they liked, and then try and do things to impress them and make them happy...

Eventually you were successful and you won your ex's love over. BUT, with time you ended up losing some of your ex's feelings towards you, because of certain circumstances...

It could have been that you argued too much, were too busy, didn't compliment them etc...

And... Eventually this lead to the breakup.

Removing the stains to get a clean shirt again

Let's say you have a favorite shirt. You wear it so much that you accidentally get stains on it.... Well then you want to get this shirt clean, so you can wear it again, right? So how do you get the shirt clean?

Well firstly, you pinpoint exactly what made the shirt dirty to begin with, and in this case, you will pinpoint what caused the breakup.

Once you know what it was that is on there, you can then appropriately apply a method to remove it. When you know what caused your breakup, all you have to do, is do exactly the opposite of what you did the first time, and this will end up reversing the "stains".

For instance, if you failed to communicate well enough, work on communicating, so that this issue no longer stands in the way.

Starting from scratch the SECOND time

Once you have removed the issues, you will start from scratch for a second time. Consider that you really just need to be the person your ex originally fell in love with. Look back to the things you did back then that made your ex like you.

Think about the kind of person you were which made your ex feel attracted to you. Replicate this again, but on a grander scale so that your ex can notice you once again.

This in turn is really the greatest secret to getting your ex back, because it uses the same psychological triggers that originally won your ex over, only on a much better scale, since you have now removed all of the obstacles which you were faced with the first time.

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