Sneaky Tactics to Reveal If Your Partner is Seeing Someone Else! Don't Miss This at All

Published: 14th May 2010
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Do you find that of late there seems to be a wall between you and your partner? And it seems impossible to get through or penetrate that wall? This could be due to the fact that you and your partner have grown apart in the past few months and your partner has been seeing someone else. Get to the bottom of it and play detective - find out if you are being taken for a ride!

Do not let your partner have the faintest suspicion that you have doubts about his/her fidelity. This will stop him/her from being on his/her guard. Put a tail on your partner. A private detective will do a thorough job and supply you with all the proof you need. If you can't afford one, get a friend you can trust to tail your partner.

Throw a party at your place and invite all your friends, especially the one you suspect your partner is cheating you with. Watch their behavior closely. Any attempt your partner makes to pair up with him/her or coincided disappearances on the part of your partner and that person should tell you things.

Ask your partner point blank what he/she thinks of the person you suspect he/she is having an affair with. This will take your partner by surprise as he/she will not expect such a question and most probably he/she will stammer and stutter while replying or else will try to put you off by making disparaging remarks about that person. Both answers should have your warning lights flash!

You could turn up at your partner's work place and see if he/she is comfortable at having you there. If he/she tries to take you away and looks embarrassed and guilty or even angry that you turned up, it could be he/she wants to hide you from that part of his/her life!

If you find that your partner is guilty on all counts, there is no doubt that he/she is seeing someone else!

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