Sneaky Tactics to Get Your Ex Back Before It's Too Late! Read This As Fast As Possible

Published: 21st May 2010
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It is practically understandable that you feel insecure, shame, pain and alone after a break up. You felt like the most important piece in your life is now missing. Though you basically done everything, your ex is still not willing to patch things up. So here are 4 sneaky tactics to get your ex back in no time.

You can Get Your Ex Back If:

1. You Suddenly Leave Town without Saying A word to Anyone

- Don't say anything to anyone where you are going and what your plans are. Leave for at least a week to think things over and let your heart decides if your love is worth saving. On the other hand, you are also helping your ex realize your worth as he or she constantly worries about your condition during this time.

2. You Spend More Time With Your Ex as a Friend

- Though your ex broke up with you, still treat him or her as your friend. Make your ex feel worthy when he or she is with you. As your friendship grows, your ex's love for you will also grow. If possible, spend more time with him or her so that he or she will have no time to date another person.

3. You Change All Your Bad Traits into Good Ones

- Change your bad attitudes, habits and/or personalities. One or more of these factors may be the reason/s why your ex left you. However, show your ex that you changed because you are dating a new person. Your ex will feel insecure and alone and thus an opportunity opens up for you to make him or her feel worth it.

4. You Tempt Your Ex less But Ignore him or her More

- Tempt your ex to see if he or she still has feelings for you. However, ignore your ex more so that he or she will get confused about your feelings. Your ex will confront you later on. During the confrontation, confess your love.

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