Signs That a Girl Likes You! Here Are the Sure Shot Ways to Figure Out Whether She Likes You Or Not

Published: 14th May 2010
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There are many guys who are able to attract girls towards them intentionally or even unintentionally. May be it's their charm, smile, personality, character or just their persona. However, there are times when a girl tries to tell you that she likes you by giving you different hints but you are just not able to catch them and at the end of the day the girl may think that you are not interested as she cannot see any response from your end.

Well, this way you would lose that girl forever. So how to find out if the girl likes you?

Tip 1

The girl would try hard to stay in touch with you most of the times. She would often call you, especially late in the night. She might call with the help of an excuse but soon it would turn into an hour long conversation. Remember, girls usually do not call every male and talk to them for hours. Your inbox would start to get full because of her texts.

Tip 2

She would start complimenting you for your looks or may be your intelligence or any other thing. You would notice that no other girl tends to compliment you so much and so frequently. She would dress to her best whenever she meets you. You would notice that she has taken care of all the small details of her outfit, accessories and her over all look.

Tip 3

She would try and meet you frequently. Incase you guys are from the same group than you would notice that whenever you go out in a group, she would make sure she catches the seat next to you before any other girl does. All these are the typical girly hints that a guy usually gets.

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