Signals Women Give Out When They Like You! Here is Something No Man Should Miss

Published: 12th May 2010
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When you like a girl but are not certain whether she likes you, you wonder how to find out. Yet you cannot just walk up to her and ask if she likes you.

You need to be alert about certain signals women give out when they like a man!

o If you are in a group where this particular girl happens to be you will find her directing most of the conversation towards you and looking at you most of the time.

She would also be smiling more at you than at others in general when speaking. Perhaps she might try to find place as close to you as possible when together in a crowd.

o She probably depends on you and can rely on you the most amongst the group of friends she hangs out with. She trusts you and feels safe with you. So she turns to you whenever it comes to returning home or being dropped off home after a party.

She might approach you directly to be picked up and dropped off before or after a show when you meet up with the group.

o She would be willing to disclose much about herself and her family and what she does or where she works or studies or perhaps also her regular schedules.

She asks you more about yourself and your family and other details too.

o Perhaps she might take the initiative to suggest going to a show or visit an exhibition if it is something you both like and enjoy. And of course since you would be going over to pick her up she would like you to stop over for a cup of tea.

She introduces you to her family with special enthusiasm. She takes care to tell them a lot about you.

Only when a girl is interested in you will she give out signals as mentioned here. A girl does not turn to every one to rely on. These indications should be sufficient to carry it off from here onwards.

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