Short Cut Secrets to Bodybuilding! Here is How You Can Triple Your Results Almost Instantly

Published: 14th May 2010
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Although there are many illegal shortcuts to body building, you should definitely avoid them as they can cause havoc in the long run. Instead, stick to legal short cut secrets to body building that can quickly get you the desired results within a few short weeks.

Progress progressively. Instead of sticking to the same weights for months on end and simply increasing reps or sets, go in for a progressive increase in weights as your body gets used to it quite quickly. You can try adding weights on a weekly or fortnightly basis and this secret will help you gain muscle mass very quickly instead of repeatedly touching a plateau.

Target different muscle groups everyday. Once you have established a good gym routine then you should target different muscle groups everyday. This will not only help you to develop each muscle group to its fullest potential but will also give that muscle group time to rest and recover before the next session. Simply stretching yourself out by trying to develop all muscles in a single day will only lead to strain and fatigue.

Pump more weights and go slow on those cardio exercises. Although cardio exercises, jogging or swimming can help you get fit and build up vital stamina, they might not be able to provide you with bulky muscles. Weight training and resistance routines will be able to provide you with muscles quickly while also melting away unwanted fat if you are overweight.

Eat body building foods. You will need to set up a specialized diet depending on whether you are skinny or overweight. You will have to increase your protein and carbohydrate intake while cutting down on sugary and fat laden foods. This will simultaneously help your body building program by providing you with the right amount of energy to maintain your workout schedule. These are some short cut secrets to building a beautiful body.

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