Shocking Weight Loss Facts You May Not Have Heard Before! Read These 4 Things Right Now

Published: 27th May 2010
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If you have been trying out every kind of diet and exercise regime to lose extra weight and have only been disappointed with the results, then you are not alone! Most overweight people who are battling obesity have had thoughts of giving up and going back to their old lifestyles because they have not seen a drastic change in their bodies and weight.

Don't let this be the case where you are concerned. Remember your weight loss depends on you - how you go about it and what you should expect. There are certain facts about weight loss that would probably shock you:

What worked for others may not work for you!
No matter what you hope and believe in, you cannot change the fact that everybody is not the same and will lose weight in a different manner. Even if you happen to do the same things as the other, you will not lose weight at the exact same rate.

Therefore it is necessary to find out what are your triggers and to keep your goal in sight. Looking at someone else's lifestyle and habits will only make you discouraged and you will begin to quit!

There is no magic diet, pill or cure!
Drug commercials and other advertisements may do their best to convince you that the magic diet or drug will help you turn slim and trim overnight. Do not be a victim to all the hype.

A careful look will tell you that this magic cure is only effective when you combine it with exercise and proper nutritious diet. Don't forget that side effects of these wonder drugs are even worse than the few extra pounds.

Eat throughout the day!

This may sound shocking to you - especially if you have been seriously thinking of starving yourself in an attempt to cut the calories, but it is sound advice. Eating three large and heavy meals a day is actually bad for you. Eating five or six light and small meals a day is very good for your body as you will burn more calories and increase the rate of metabolism.

Admit your problem to one and all!
This sounds really shocking as you would hate to admit that you are fat and need to lose weight (not that they can't see it anyway!). The reason why you should let your friends and family know that you are on an exercise and diet regime in an effort to lose weight is that you automatically get their support.

They will think twice before binging on chocolates and junk food around you. They will try to motivate you into getting your goal and instead of trying to do it alone you will have the help of near and dear ones.

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