Reversing a Breakup Using Reverse Psychology! The Most Powerful Technique to Get Your Ex Back!

Published: 27th May 2010
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Take a deep breath...that's it! Calm down and feel good, because you have just stumbled upon the most powerful technique which will get your ex back!

It doesn't matter if you were divorced, dating, or engaged, if you want to reverse a breakup, all you need is REVERSE psychology! Yup, that's it.

Here is how you can use it and how to get your ex back with it...

Be nonchalant about the breakup -
When you do this, you use reverse psychology to convince your ex to become curious about you again. You also don't suffocate your ex by being too needy, and you won't end up drowning out your chances, so just be nonchalant.

Making up with your ex...
You will lose the bargaining power to actually get your ex back if you continue to run around and chase them desperately, which is why you need to accept responsibility for the breakup. If you do not accept responsibility for it, everything you are working for will be done in vain, and your ex will see that.

The best way to go about making up with your ex and having them forgive you, is to accept the responsibility. Admit and ask yourself "ok, I did something wrong, now what can I do to change my behavior and never do this thing again?"...

Once you have done this, get to work on actually changing your behavior, and instead of directly telling your ex what you have changed, start using these new changes on OTHER people. More specifically, go out of your way for people your ex knows, and use these changes to win them over.

The sudden drift of attention
The change in direction from your ex, to someone they know, will act as reverse psychology, because it indirectly makes your ex notice you again. Not only this, but they notice you because they will be envious of the fact that you aren't giving them 100% of the attention, because they will feel as though they deserve all of your attention during this time.

Not only this, but displaying your changes to their friends will get your ex to forgive you and want you back, because they will know you aren't just all talk, but in fact are "game" too.

Your ex will immediately start wanting you back, because they will hate to see you being so great to other people, and jealousy will drive them to start chasing you around.

Another trick

Another trick which you can use to reverse a breakup, is to simply give your ex lots of space during this period that you are impressing their friends. This will drive your ex even more nuts, because they will end up feeling ignored.

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