Psychological Tricks to Make Your Ex Feel Attraction Towards You Again - Do Not Ignore These

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Who is an Ex.? He is simply a person who loved us on a day in the past. He is a person with whom the links of our memory are tied. Simply put, he is a person for whom our heart still writhes. Yes! There are differences, sometimes disturbing, that lead to a split but then men and women are known to be different. So if your ex is still the man who pleasantly tortures you in your dreams, here are 3 tips to psychologically lure him back...

Take an apartment near him- men can only forget their partners if they can manage to throw the ladies out of sight. Having to see someone each day (accidentally) means that a man simply has to live with the ghost. And such a ghost is obviously marked with a tinge of separation which means she is the "so near yet so far" type. Men are not too willing to take this bargain. They simply get psychologically lured.

Feel high and flaunt it- men are psychologically bent towards believing that their ex's are the ones who must be whining and longing for their return. If these people find out that their ex's are just walking further and further on the merry coaster of life, they feel psychologically down. They suddenly feel as if they were always unimportant. Initially, it brings a lot of discomfort but soon it becomes a reason to find a place in the women's heart again

Join a social networking group- a man is only too eager to insert the name of his wife in MySpace or Facebook or Friend Connect. He feels miserable to see that the woman of his life is making friends again, living life on a high. It makes him come back to re-find his importance. A psychological trick but it works.

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