Proven Exercises to Grow Taller Fast! Here Are the Ultimate Tricks You Have Been Looking For

Published: 17th May 2010
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When you are desperately seeking height then you simply cannot afford to waste your time and energy in performing exercises that do not help you at all.

Use these tips on proven exercises that can help you to grow taller fast and regain your lost confidence.

Hanging exercises. - These exercises involve hanging by your wrists or your ankles. You should preferably do both these exercises since it will stretch you from both ends. You can hold a horizontal bar in your home or gym and hang on it by curling you fingers over it. Similarly, you can use the reverse incline bench by locking your ankles in it while lying down with your head at a lower level then your legs. Both these exercises will help in stretching your spine and limbs that can result in increased height.

Stretching exercises. - You can perform toe-touches by standing straight with your feet together and then bending down with your legs straight while attempting to touch your toes with your fingers. This exercise too can help to stretch your spinal column and hence lead to increased height.

Crunches. - You can lie on your back and perform crunches as you bend forwards at your abdomen. Another version involves standing up and then bending on each side from the waist. These are known as side crunches and can also be done with weights in each hand. Both these exercises can help in reducing your love handles and abdomen and also stretch your spine for increased height.

Sports. - Along with exercises, participating in sports such as swimming and cycling can also help in stretching all your limbs collectively and these activities can help in building up your stamina along with providing you with a good chance of increasing your height. Almost all track events that involve running and jumping can help you in growing taller fast.

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