Play With Your Ex's Mind So That They Will Want You Back! Not So Obvious Tips Which Work Well

Published: 25th May 2010
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If you got dumped by your ex, then making him/her like you again can be somewhat tricky. However, there are some mind games you can use to pull your ex back, just in case you still want to get back together. Read on to find out how to pull your ex back...

Improve your style - Your goal is to look attractive and to project success. This endeavor will help boost your confidence in front of your ex and to also make your ex feel like it was his/her loss to have let you go. If you had gained weight during your time apart, log more time at the gym. If your style needs updating, then go to the salon to get a new haircut, for starters.

An easy way to make your ex notice you, is to do all of the above, alongside broadening your inner friend's circle. Become friends with your ex's mates, and acquaintances and increase your friends so that you have more friends of the opposite sex. Once your ex notices that your new style has made you more popular, this will play with his/her mind so that they will want to be around you now too.

Date around - Since you are single, try to go out with other people to see what options you have got. Even if you intend to get back together with your ex, as long as you do not lead on the new person you are dating, this is okay. If your ex still has some feelings for your and finds out about this, then he/she might just feel a little threatened about you moving on.

Don't be afraid to date again, as this will surely make your ex jealous and in the end this will cause your ex to feel extremely attracted to you again, because people want what they cannot have.

Flirt a little, but not too much - Once you and your ex start seeing each other again as friends, flirt a little, but pull away almost instantly. Do not fawn over your ex, but keep a safe distance. This will keep your ex guessing about your intentions. Most people like a challenge, so do not give your ex all your feelings in a platter at this time.

Make your ex jealous - Once you have regained your ex's trust, try to find out how he/she will react if you tell your ex that you have been dating a hotter guy/girl and have photos to prove it. If your ex shows even a hint of jealousy, then you will know that he/she still has feelings for you.

You can also make your ex jealous by doing things he/she would have always loved to do, but with someone new! You can even do these things with his/her friends and become so "awesome" that his/her friends won't want to hang out with your ex, but would rather be around you.

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