Obvious Lies That Every Cheater Tells! Know These and Catch Your Spouse Right Away

Published: 12th May 2010
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There are plenty of classic signs that a cheater unknowingly discloses! If you learn to look closely you can detect these signs and bring the lies to light! Cheaters can't help lying and in the end it is their tongue that lets them down. Sooner or later,

The most common thing a cheater will lie about is his/her whereabouts. If he/she is lying to you then he/she will want to keep you in the dark as to where he/she is going. Most of the times it is to keep a secret rendezvous with a lover and to cover this fact the cheater is going to lie about the reason he/she has to leave the house. If you are in doubt about this it would be wise to check at the place he/she is supposed to be!

The "working late at the office" or "business trips he/she has to make" excuses for his/her late hours and disappearances during the weekend should make you skeptical. A cheating spouse or partner will always try to blame his work hours to cover up his/her infidelity.

Deleting his/her messages on the phone and the 'call log" so that you don't have any idea as to whom he/she is in touch with is one of the most common ways a cheater will lie! These sudden secrets from you should put you on your guard.

If you find that your spouse/partner has no valid and logical explanation for the sudden withdrawals of money or the appearance of "gifts" like jewelry and clothes that he/she suddenly seems to be wearing and you know that you have not bought it, then it is a sure sign that your spouse is cheating on you and accepting gifts from a lover or making gifts to his/her new flame!

Sooner or later you can easily spot the lie and uncover the truth! No cheater should be allowed to get away with it and the sooner you can spot him/her; the sooner you will put an end to the deceit.

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