Nice Guys Finish Last, But You Won't Anymore! The Ultimate Dating Secrets to Attracting Women!

Published: 25th May 2010
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It's not a big surprise to me that nice guys finish last, and as a matter of fact, it probably has ruined your dating life, right? You see, it's not what women don't like guys being nice, what they don't like, are men who are constantly throwing themselves out there and not creating an interesting challenge or proposition for her to want to date you in the first place. A lot of guys even think that the nice guy approach is how they will become successful with women, but the fact of the matter is, you couldn't be more wrong if you believe this. Read on to find out more about the ultimate dating secrets to attracting women. Let me explain:

o Women are not messed up for being with guys who are abusive, mean, or just plain rude. Women go for these kinds of men, because those men present a real challenge to her, and since he doesn't just tell her that he likes her, or loves her, she instantly feels a need to prove that she is like able to him. The feeling that she gets of not being 100% right for him, makes her curious to find out why, so she pursues the guy, until she is able to prove it.

o Buying women things is bad- They don't want to be bought, they are not a product either. Women do like the odd thing, but most guys go overboard giving women gifts, presents, flowers and taking them out all the time. At some point and time she is really going to seriously sit down and think that there must be something wrong with you or your personality, which is why you are trying to compensate for it by always doing what she wants, or buying her things.

o Selfish behavior works- A hot woman already knows she is attractive, which is why those "jerks" always seem to get them. "Jerks" are also often sarcastic, really selfish, and play extremely hard to get; which are all challenges for women to work over, as she will spend a lot of the time trying to figure him out. Whereas a nice guy will sit there spending the time to explain himself, and try and please her every possible chance he gets.

o Women are attracted to your personality- Nice guys also let their inferiority complex show through in almost every thing they do, which makes their personality lack qualities that women look for. Women are attracted to your personality, which in turn, if it is weak or easily swayed, will not win her over very well. What you should do, then, is adapt a way to be sarcastic in a humorous way, selfish where it counts, and play hard to get; while still maintaining respect for her.

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