My Ex Won't Even Speak to Me, and Ignores Me Completely! Pull Your Ex Back With These Then!

Published: 19th May 2010
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The very fact that your ex refuses to speak to you is proof that you have really driven your ex mad and he/she does want to do anything with you. In spite of all this you still want to pull your ex back. Well, this is going to take some time as first you will have to open the channels of communication and then attempt to pull him/her back.

Be the person you once were
Remember the time when your ex first met you. He/she was so smitten by you that it was difficult for you to even breathe. You will have to recreate that very same magic all over again. For this you will have to change your current behavior and become more understanding and considerate. Due to the undying love and affection of your ex you had begun to take him/her for granted and this proved to be your undoing.

Do not leave town
You will have to be within the sight of your ex all the time. This does not mean that you begin stalking him/her. Just be in the vicinity so that he/she takes note of you and recognizes the changes in you. Do not press harder than this.

Ask friends for help
Common friends and family members will be your most trusted allies. Ask them to invite you to parties and other functions where your ex is likely to be present. They will willingly help you. This will give you a chance to converse with your ex in the presence of common friends and your ex will find it difficult to ignore you completely.

Keep up the chase
After the initial hesitation your ex will once again be on talking terms with you. From now on you have to take measured steps. Once again become good friends with your ex. Let him/her see that you have genuinely changed and are a better person than before. This will have the desired effect and he/she will begin mulling the idea of getting back with you.

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