My Ex is Sending Off Mixed Signals, Do They Still Like Me? How to Tell If Your Ex Still Likes You!

Published: 27th May 2010
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You think to yourself "my ex is sending me mixed signals!! Do they like me.... Do they hate me! I can't tell!", and suddenly you are confused wondering whether or not you should try and get them back, because they just can't seem to show you one straight sign or emotion in regards to how they feel about you!

But, it's actually NOT that difficult to tell how your ex feels, especially if they still like you, but they do have a different way of showing their affection, because you are broken up now. Read on to find out how you can tell if your ex still likes you or not....

Your ex is obsessed with you

When they are around their friends, they always talk about you, and even get their friends to come and ask you questions. You notice him/her making you part of their daily routine, wherein they try and plan to do things with you, and call you pretty much every single day.

This is obviously a strong attachment which has NOT gone away with the breakup, and shows that your ex still does like you.

You may also take note if your ex has still not gotten rid of anything you shared together, such as tickets, pictures or anything really. You may even think a certain something was garbage, but your ex is still keeping it, because it reminds them of you.

This is an obvious sign that they are still not over you, and in return your ex is obsessed with you.

Extremely possessive and jealous

Does your ex always want to know about your dating life, and do they get mad at the idea of you dating someone else? Are they nosy and seem to pry into your personal life all the time?

If your ex seems possessive and jealous, take this as a sign that he/she still wants you, and it burns them up inside to think of you with someone else. An obvious sign that they still want you back, and all you would have to do is flirt with one of his/her friends just to test this out, and if your ex flips out, then you know they still have strong feelings for you!

He/she goes out of their way for you

Whenever you have a problem, your ex is always the first one there trying to help you and get you out of the rut. In fact, your ex always wants to make sure you are ok, and doesn't mind spending the time, money, and effort to ensure that you are ok and are doing well.

This is a true sign that your ex really cares about you, and they still care about you, because they want you back.

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