My Ex is Ignoring Me - What Do I Do? Find Out How to Make Your Ex Notice You Again With These 4 Tips

Published: 25th May 2010
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You had done everything you could to fix the problems in the relationship with your ex, but nothing seems to work. Your ex is now ignoring you, so what do you do now? These tricks will get your ex to noticing you again...

Give it time Maybe you had been too available for your ex. Usually when you pester your ex after a breakup, they tend to ignore you. Leave him/her alone for some time, to give your ex a chance to miss you. Maybe if you do this unexpected thing, it will make your ex wonder and actually call you on their own to talk about it.

This is the best thing you can do if your ex is ignoring you, because they are likely not ignoring you, but may be ignoring what you do. Sometimes we don't always do things which are good for us, such as harassing our ex with tons of phone calls or emails, which in the end isn't good for you, so give it a rest for now.

Get a makeover - While you are taking time away from your ex, take this opportunity to improve yourself. Maybe your style had become stale or you had gained a bit of weight, so may need to have a makeover to attract your ex back in time for your next meeting with each other. If your ex sees you in all your sloppy glory, don't expect him/her to come back to you.

The best tip for this is to get a makeover that is completely different from what you are now. If you have blonde hair, make it darker, and if you normally dress a certain way, dress entirely the opposite way. The point is that you should become exactly the kind of person your ex would never expect, and this would make them notice you instantly.

Enjoy yourself - This is no time to mope around, have fun! Surely you had some things in mind that you did not get a chance while you were in a couple, so take this opportunity! Go out with your friends, go on an exotic tropical holiday, or even date around. These things will not only help your self-esteem, but also boost your chances with your ex.

If he/she sees how unfazed you are by the breakup, then your ex just might realize what attracted him/her to you in the first place. Be sure to take tons of photo's of your excursions when you are going out, and post them to your online profiles, so that you can create a buzz as well.

Do a little networking - If show up regularly at the places your ex's friends/relatives hang out, make sure that you look your best and maybe even have a hot date in tow. This will prove to them what a catch you are and what they tell your ex will only work in your favor.

Networking is absolutely critical if you want to have your ex notice you again, and stop ignoring you. People are naturally drawn to those who have lots of friends, because it appears that they have a good quality about them, which leads others to hang around them. What this means, is that the minute you increase your social network, your ex will want to be around you again, because he/she will subconsciously think that there must be something great about you now that you have tons of people interested in you.

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