Mind Games to Pull Your Ex Back Stunningly Fast! Most Crucial Tricks You Just Can't Miss

Published: 19th May 2010
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Breaking up recently is one of the most harrowing experiences ever. Basically, you would want to get physically close to your ex after the breakup. However, this might only drive your ex away from instead of pulling him closer.
People especially women try things that are too drastic and obvious to pull their ex back. How do you pull your ex back? Use your mind, of course. Here are some tips that you can do to pull your ex back without your ex knowing that you are playing mind games with him.

Stop your ex's ego trip. People usually make their ex as the centre of all their attraction. This will not make your ex feel flattered. On the contrary, you are only feeding his already bloated ego and this and he won't even care a thing about you more. Stop this nonsense and start taking care of your own life for a change. Work hard, meet up with your friends and your family, change your hair and clothes. Apparently, you have forgotten how to take care of yourself from the time that you are in a relation with your ex until your sulking days. This will get your mind out of depression while also deflating your ex's ego. In the end, he will also get your ex to secretly admire your determination to move on.

Commence an indirect attack on your ex. Most people usually beg their ex to take them back. The simplest thing to do is to stay in touch with your ex's family and your common friends. Of course some of them will be on your side and they will be the one to reprimand your ex on the decision of breaking up with you. Your ex will start to wonder if breaking up with you is a wise decision after all considering that he is getting a raised brow from his mother and friends.

Trust the power of your Pheromones. Okay so you have decided to have a total makeover. Once you have a new look, make sure that your ex gets to see the new you every time. You can appear before your ex's eyes at any occasion and watch your ex get get stunned on what you did to your appearance. Ignore your ex most of the time but if chances are that he brushes up on you, talk to him briefly then move on.

Start a rumor and watch your ex rush back into your life. Of course, for most women, once you become single again, other people will start to get interested in you again. This will be the time to dart the final strike to your ex. The thing here is that your might feel comfortable if they see that you are still not dating even if you changed the way you look. Start a rumor through common friends that you are dating someone seriously. This will get your ex to thinking that he might be losing you forever if he does not make a move to reclaim you. This will make your ex rush back to you.

There you have. Four sure ways to pull your ex back by just using the power of your mind.

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