Mind Blowing Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back - Do Not Miss These at Any Cost

Published: 27th April 2010
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If you have broken up with your partner and need to get back with him or her, then just standing around or crying out bucketful of tears will not help matters. Instead, use psychological tricks to get your ex attracted to you again and compel him or her to get back with you so that the only tears that come out of your eyes are tears of joy. Here are 3 tips on mind blowing psychological tricks to get your ex back....

Tip 1 - Get into a mingling mania. Start mingling with other friends. Socialize, even though you might not have the heart for it and ensure that your ex sees you having a good time. Take this opportunity to lightly flirt to awaken pangs of jealousy within your ex. Once your ex starts thinking that it might not be long before you slip out of his or her fingers forever, he or she might desperately try to win you back.

Tip 2 - Reinvent your repertoire. This simply means that you take stock of your strong and weak points and improve upon them. Join a gym and go out to a spa or a hair salon and give your body a fresh, new look. This will not only impress you and provide you with a burst of confidence but will also shock your ex. Let your ex eat his or her heart out in exasperation when you walk in front of him or her with a radiant face, toned body and chic haircut.

Tip 3 - Make your ex feel guilty. You should analyze the reasons that led to the breakup of your relationship. Once you find your flaws, indicate them visually or verbally to your ex that you have realized and rectified those faults. This will lead your ex on a guilt trip by simply stating that he or she too needs to act in a positive manner to pick up the fallen relationship.

These 3 mind blowing psychological tricks are sure to impress, depress and take your ex down a guilt lane and make him or her act to get you back. Use them and watch your ex run back into your life.

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