Men Only - The "Tunnel Vision" Dating Disaster That Could Be Ruining Everything For You With Women!

Published: 26th May 2010
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I am sure that you have heard of the term "tunnel vision" before, and what it is to focus on only one dimension, and literally exclude anything else around it. This of course is experienced by almost all men, when it comes to women.

So, what is the ONE thing that ALL guys tend to focus on when it comes to women? Sex? Well that might be a good guess, but no, it's really BEAUTY.

You see, whenever you adapt tunnel vision towards a woman's beauty, there is a huge underlying issue here that is literally ruining your chances with women: you are settling.

Tunnel vision makes you settle for less -

What's even worse than settling is settling FOR LESS, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

I know you are probably wondering... "Now wait a minute here, how the heck am I settling? And settling for less?!", but let me explain exactly what goes on when you have tunnel vision with a woman's looks:

You are acknowledging that you find her attractive, which tells her that you desire something from her -

This in turn gives her the idea that she is the prize to be won, and in turn will lead to your demise, because she will literally take those stiletto heels and walk all over you, even taking the time to stomp one into your eye as she leaves, should she choose to.

You are telling her that you have a weakness and are easy -

This is one of the most embarrassing things to have happen, is to literally give women the impression that you are weak, easily won over, and that you don't really have any substance to you beyond this.

You do not have standards -

Well if you had standards, why are you suddenly making exceptions for this girl because she appears to be smoking hot? You see, if you drool all over her and literally develop acute tunnel vision for her looks, then she will have the idea that you really don't have any standards at all.

Women love to be able to conquer something at least, but if you hand her everything simply because of how she looks, she will easily become bored and will quickly lose interest in you.

This is exactly why you should learn to grasp a control over how the appearance of women affect you, because while men are physically drawn to women, it can really be our demise in the dating world if we let it become a serious case of tunnel vision.

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