Is Your Ex Avoiding You Like Anything? Follow These Effective Tips & Make Them Notice You Again

Published: 27th May 2010
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A breakup can be devastating and your emotionally battered ex could simply be ignoring you as a means of dealing with the pain.

If you want to win back the love of your ex then you will need to make them notice you again. Use these ways and watch your ex do much more than notice you.

Lie low and surface after a few weeks Your ex could be pained to look at you after the breakup and could thus be ignoring you. Lie out of sight from your ex so that matters can cool down sufficiently. Your ex might even start to miss or wonder about you. Re-surface after a few weeks and you will surely notice a change in attitude.

Attend parties with an upgraded look You should make it a point to attend parties frequented by your ex but only after getting an upgraded look. Your ex will not fail to notice an improved you and will have a tough time ignoring you, especially when other suitors seem to get attracted to you like magnets to metal.

Make strides in your personal and professional life Get back to work and enjoy your life with renewed zeal. Once you start winning accolades about your work, the mature manner in which you have handled the breakup, and your positive outlook on the future, you ex will not be able to notice and appreciate your efforts from a distance.

Get rid of bad habits There might be some bad habits that your ex might have loathed during the past. Get rid of them and ensure that this news reaches the ears of your ex by using the services of common friends. Your ex will not be able to resist from appreciating your moves and could secretly start falling for you again.

Try subtle techniques of reminiscing about the past When you are in cordial conversation with your slightly-interested ex, try out subtle techniques to reminisce about the past when both of you had enjoyed visiting certain places or eating at certain restaurants during the past. This will prick the sub-conscious mind of your ex and make him/her notice you again in a warm new light.

Send casual messages You can try sending casual messages on your ex's answering machine asking about his/her well-being. In addition, forward funny jokes on his/her email or mobile phone. If it is kept casual then your ex will not feel threatened and he/she could also laugh at those jokes while forgetting to ignore you.

Simply ask for a meeting Your ex might ignore you but if you ask for a meeting to sort out pending issues then he/she might not ignore that request, especially if feelings of love are still stuck to your ex's heart. You can now sit down with your ex and sort out all thorny issues that might have plagued both of you in the past.

These methods will turn an ignoring ex into a caring and wondering ex, and he/she will surely try to reciprocate your moves. You can now seize the moment and turn that renewed interest into love that will truly open the doors of a new relationship.

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