Is She Putting You Into the Friends Zone? What to Do When a Woman Just Wants to Be Friends!

Published: 26th May 2010
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Most men NEVER get out of the friends zone, and as sad as that is, you obviously don't want that to be your case either! If she is putting you into the friends' zone, find out what you can do with these tips:

Why she put you into the friends zone

Women put a guy into the friends' zone when he acts more like a friend than someone she would want to date. She could even feel attracted towards you, but simply doesn't find your personality appealing.

Here are a few common reasons why women put men into the friends' zone:

o Being too easy by giving her things without her asking, and making yourself to easily available, because you like her).

o Acting nervous, shy, or intimidated around women.

o Calls her too often and becomes a doormat for her because he puts his own needs on the back burner

o Gives away the power to her, by asking what she wants to do, not taking the lead, and allowing her to virtually do what she wants.

o Expressing his feelings to her too early, which suggests he is desperate

o Accepts her demands to spend time with her, and behaves too submissively

o Listens to all of her problems, and talks about them in the same way that her real girlfriends would.

How can I get out of the friends zone?

Once you understand the reason why she is putting you in the friends' zone, the only way you can get out of it, is to act a bit like a "jerk".

You will have to start doing everything exactly the opposite of what you have done thus far, and without explaining why either. You will begin to ignore her and frequently ignore her calls and requests.

You will also suggest that she is below your standards and will also start hitting on her other female friends. You should also stop doing anything for her, without bugging her or asking her to do something for you first.

You must make her WORK for your attention, and work for anything else from you as well. This will be a hard task to follow, especially if you are an extremely nice guy, but unless you present her with a challenge, she will never feel you are dating material, because you are not challenging HER.

You have to remember that she wants a man who can lead and guide her, but when you are acting like one of her girlfriends and are trying to solve her problems for you, she will stop looking at you as a man, and will start depending on you like a friend.

Women do NOT want men to sit around handing everything to them, solving their problems, and putting them on a pedestal, because it is rather far too easy, and gives her NOTHING to do and also gives her nothing to do FOR you either.

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