Is My Spouse Seeing Someone Else? Read This Before It's Just Too Late For You

Published: 14th May 2010
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This sort of question will plague you if you have already seen the warning signs that your spouse is playing the field. If you are the type to ignore these signs then you will have to pay dearly if your spouse is really cheating on you. It would be better if you took the matter in your hands to find out if you are being lied to. It is pretty easy to spot the lies a cheating spouse will tell you if you are on the lookout for them!

Question your spouse as to the late nights, overtime at the office and other instances that have made you doubt that your spouse is on the level. Watch your spouse's body language and hang on to every word as he/she gives you an answer. If your spouse was not expecting to be questioned then he/she will struggle to find an answer and will obviously try to lie his/her way out.

A few years ago your spouse could not find anything wrong with you and you enjoyed his/her undivided attention. But suddenly your spouse seems to criticize everything about you - even your looks and behavior! It could be that your spouse is mentally comparing you to his/her new love!

A sudden change in your spouse's looks and detailed attention and care taken over his/her grooming may make you wonder who he/she is trying to impress! A sudden liking for foods that he/she used to hate before and an urge to go out every evening shows that there is something fishy going on!

It is likely that your spouse is having an affair with someone younger, prettier/more handsome than you. This would account for the new wardrobe and style that your spouse has suddenly adopted. The appearance of new jewelry, body piercing and 'hip' hairstyles will show that your spouse is flattered at the attention of someone younger and this makes him/her feel young too!

Read the signs carefully before taking a decision in the right direction!

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