Is My Ex Still Interested in Me? - Now You Will Be Able to Read Your Ex's Mind

Published: 29th April 2010
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A second chance in love is worth more than winning the lottery. Before knowing if you'll ever get that second chance, you need to know if your ex is still interested in you. Your guts might be right or you could simply be assuming the wrong thing. Nevertheless, not knowing the answer to that question could make you feel very uncomfortable...

Flirts- your ex flirts with you. Flirting is one of the ways that a person can show you that she is interested in you without having to tell you upfront that they are interested in you. It can come in the form of smiling, prolonged eye contact, touching, complements or your ex could be nicer than usual.

Questions- your friends tell you that she is always asking questions about your life and how you are doing. Or better yet, she could ask you directly. Questions should be about you like what happened to your day, who you went with, what you are doing in the next few months.

If your ex wasn't interested, your ex won't take the time to ask those questions.

Jealousy- your ex gets and acts jealous when you are hanging out with other people. It could be as extreme as getting angry and going into a tantrum or your ex could give you that look in their eye which would send shivers down your spine.

You can sense that your ex doesn't want you to meet other people. As much as possible, your ex tries to arrange meet ups with you and has tons of excuses just to meet you.

Gifts- your ex buys you gifts. You might think that your ex is trying to bribe you. Some people can't express their feelings well, sometimes buying and giving gifts are the most that they can do. These gifts can be pretty expensive or pretty simple. By buying gifts, your ex is trying to win back your affection.

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