Is My Ex Still Interested in Me? - 3 Sure Shot Ways to Find Out Whether They're Still Into You Or No

Published: 28th April 2010
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If your dreams of walking away into the sunset of your life with your ex have been shattered due to your breakup, then losing hope is neither a solution nor an option. You should remain positive and observe your ex to find out if there are still some sparks present below those smoldering embers. Given below are 3 tips on how to find out if your ex is still interested in you....

Tip 1 - Watch your ex's body language blurt out the truth. Even though your ex might show that he/she is still angry at you, you might notice different signs emerging from your ex's body language. Your ex's tone might have softened over the past few days and his/her eyes might show that he/she misses you even as your ex mouths an 'I don't care attitude'.

Tip 2 - Your ex still remembers important dates. Even after your breakup, your ex might still remember important dates such as your birthday, wedding anniversary, first-kiss date, etc. If your ex somehow manages to remind you of these dates in a round-about way then be sure that he/she still cares about you and is definitely interested in you.

Tip 3 - Your ex starts spying on you. If your ex still has an unhealthy interest in your life, especially your love life after the breakup, then this is another sure sign that he/she is still interested in you. Your ex might get jealous at the sight of any new partner in your life and might even try underhanded tricks to break your new relationship. This jealousy will lay bare your ex's true feelings for you.

These 3 tips will surely provide you with enough evidence that your ex is still interested in you and wants the ex-tag to be a thing of the past. Review your feelings for him/her and if you are still interested, then do not waste your time in getting back with him/her.

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