If Your Ex is Sending Out Mixed Signals & You Aren't Sure Whether They Like You? Find Out the Truth

Published: 25th May 2010
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Relationships take a lot of work. Couples have learned this the hard way. Making it work is the goal of every relationship. But sometimes they don't work out. Why? Some people blame it on bad luck, Some blame their partner, while some believe it was just meant to be this way. But do you know you can make it all right? You deserve a second chance.

But before embarking on a mission to get him back, find out if he still has feelings for you. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting hurt again. Use these tactics to find out whether or not your ex still likes you:

o Timing: To find out if he still likes you, you should give him time and space to think about it. After the break-up, allow some "alone" time. If you don't, this will definitely work against you. Don't pre-empt anything. Don't worry that he might lose interest in you. Relax.

o Establish Connection: Nothing will happen if you continue to be locked up in your bedroom. To gauge his feelings for you, you should be around him. Make an effort to be seen. Strike up a conversation. Have an opening line. If he stays and talks to you, that's a good sign. But he leaves after five minutes of silence and blank stares, go home.

o Watch your ex's actions : If your ex is always trying to meet you, see you, and especially if he/she is trying to establish physical or intimate contact, then be sure that they still have feelings for you.

o Establish Competition: Men are primarily built to compete with other men. If he sees you with another man and he is jealous, he definitely has feelings for you. This is a good opportunity to get his attention. If he sees someone else being interested in you, he will protect his territory by spending more time with you. If he doesn't, it's time to move on.

o Be seductive: If you really want to know whether or not your ex has feelings for you, simply act seductive towards him and then you will know. Your ex will return the feelings once you start acting seductive, if they truly do like you.

o Talk: Men are straightforward. And sometimes they expect everyone to be that way. So express yourself. Ask him if he still feels something for you. But don't ask him this on your first meeting after the break-up. Again, timing is everything. Get to that state when you are talking again before asking him the big Question.

o Tease your ex: Tease your ex and joke around. Do they laugh at your jokes and enjoy being teased by you? Does your ex smile a lot when they are around you? If you can positively confirm this, then your ex still has feelings for you.

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