If Your Ex Completely Avoiding You After the Breakup? Follow These Tips & See the Difference

Published: 25th May 2010
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All is fair in love and war. So if you want to get your ex back, there are a few sneaky tactics you can pull to achieve your mission. And, believe it, that these are really sneaky, because even though they seem to be a bit mean at times, in the end they will get your ex noticing you again. Use these next few sneaky tactics to pull your ex back...

Give your ex the silent treatment -

o This is most effective if you had just broken up. Give your ex some time to mull things over and realize for themselves if they had done the right thing by leaving you. If your ex wonders why you had not called and ends up asking to talk with you about it, then it was all worth it, right?

o Ignore your ex as much as possible, no matter how badly you want to talk to them or even if you just want to hear his/her voice. Don't give in, because once you do, your ex will ignore you again.

Act like you're not bothered -

o Once your ex starts talking to you again, act cool and pretend like nothing bad ever happened. Do not bring up the old issues and just consider your ex as a friend at first. Doing this will make your ex wonder why you are so unaffected and may start doubting his/her decision to leave you.

o Your ex won't be able to stand the idea of you not going crazy over them. They literally expect it at this point, but you are not to give in to their expectations. In fact, as long as you are not doing anything your ex expects, you will be effectively surprising your ex, which in turn makes your ex more curious about you.

Act like it was a good thing -

o Make your ex believe that breaking up was a good thing. Doing a little bit of reverse psychology may just work in your favor. As you begin to list down the reasons why you think it was a good thing, then maybe your ex will see that there were two sides to the breakup and that he/she may have done things that did not help your relationship. Your ex might realize his/her mistake.

o You can even go as far as to thank your ex for it, and this will blow their mind away. Show your ex gratitude for the breakup, and you will find them feeling like they have made a mistake.

Take advantage of your past -

o If you had managed to regain your ex's trust and are now in good terms, then it is time for the home run. The advantage with trying to win your ex back compared to a new lover, is that you already know what melts their heart. Do everything you think will impress him/her and be consistent. Your ex will be back in your arms in no time.

o If your ex has done something mean or hurtful to you in the past as well, use that to your advantage as well. No one is perfect, but your ex is sure acting like it and they are probably blaming you for everything, so embarrass them and make them want you back, by becoming friends with your ex's friends. This will instantly make your ex feel guilty about losing you, because he/she will see that their friends like you, and that you are in fact good.

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