I Don't Know If My Ex Wants Me Back? 7 Ways to Read Your Ex's Mind and Know What They Want!

Published: 27th May 2010
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After a breakup, it can be very difficult to try and figure out what your ex is thinking. But it's not actually that hard to figure out, especially if your ex still has feelings for you, because all your ex is doing is showing their affection in a different way.

All you have to do is watch his/her actions, and then you will know if your ex wants you back or not. Read on to find out the 7 ways to read your ex's mind and know what they want....

7. Making them jealous

o Flirt with someone your ex knows. Watch his/her reaction. Do they immediately but in and cut their friend off from talking to you? Do they get mad, or do they approach you later and ask you why you did that? If they react at all to this, then obviously they are jealous and still like you and want you back.

6. Acting like you don't care

o Act like you don't care about your ex anymore. Watch his/her reaction. If they suddenly start seeking your attention and chase you around more, then they definitely still want you.

5. Become happy and upbeat

o Act really happy, and enjoy being single. If this bothers your ex and makes them feel guilty, then obviously they are still not over you. The reason your ex will feel guilty, is because you will appear to be happier than you ever were before, which in turn makes him/her think they never made you happy enough.

4. Ask your ex out

o Go somewhere fun with your ex. Notice his/her reactions to you. Do they look you in the eyes often, and smile? Does he/she try to hold your hand or kiss you? If you notice your ex always trying to get close to you, especially physically or intimately close, then they are still attracted to you.

3. Watch what he/she talks about

o Take note if your ex is always talking about the past and the things you used to do. If he/she always brings up the past, it's obvious that your ex is still not over you.

2. Ignore your ex for a bit

o Ignore your ex and watch his/her response. If they freak out and feel really abandoned when you ignore them, then this is a sure shot sign that your ex still wants you and has feelings for you.

1. Ask them how they feel

o You can simply just ask your ex if they still love you, or like you. Maybe they do, but are afraid to commit again because they don't want to be hurt. But you can always just ask.

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