How Women Test Men and 4 Tips on How to Pass These Tests! Effective Tips You Should Know

Published: 26th May 2010
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If you thought that getting a few dates with a woman was the end of all your dating worries for life then be aware that your woman might still try to run you through some emotional hoops.

Women like to constantly test men so as to keep on reaffirming that they are being loved and you need to pass these tests. Use the following tips to pass these tests without causing any harm to yourself or to your relationship.

• The anger test: You might find your woman getting angry for no apparent reason or blowing up an argument to a very high level. This is actually a test to check your reaction, as she wants you to calm her down without losing your own self-respect.

Remain firm but tactful while handling her tantrums and you could just ace the test without getting hot under your collar. The key is to watch her reactions and act accordingly.

• The gaze test: Often, when both of you are dining in a restaurant, your woman will wait for a beautiful woman to pass by and watch your reaction. If you glance casually to observe her then you are totally safe. However, if your gaze follows that other woman then you should be ready for an argument that could lead to your woman storming out of the restaurant.

• The loyalty test: Most women are insecure in a relationship and if your woman keeps on pestering you about your whereabouts at all times then understand the fact that this is a test.

If you blow your lid and start a fight then your woman will naturally assume that you are hiding an affair and the fight is sure to escalate. Instead, give short but factual answers and you will soon notice the questions losing steam as your woman starts trusting you more day by day.

• The attentiveness test: When you are busy reading a newspaper, make sure that your ears are on full alert since this is the time when your woman might try to test your attention span. If you forget what your woman had mentioned whilst you were reading then get ready for a showdown alleging that you no longer listen to her.

You will need to drop that paper for a short time, participate in your woman's conversation and then resume reading if you truly want to pass this test.

Women are highly emotional when compared to men and thus like to test their mates at regular intervals so as to reassure themselves that they have made the right choice. Use these tips to stay out of any trouble and to please your woman at the same time.

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