How to Use Reverse Psychology to Get Your Ex Back! Here is Something You Shouldn't Miss at Any Cost

Published: 24th May 2010
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Your lover left you for his or her own reasons. It is alright to cry and feel sad about the breakup. However, if you want your ex back you should not dwell on your raw emotions and broken spirit. It is time to get moving and plan your next move to get your ex back.

Pretend that you have moved on - Act as if you do not care about the breakup. Act as if you are actually relieved and tell your ex so. This would surely set your ex thinking that it is alright to talk with you again.

Go out on dates - Go out with other people. Make sure your ex gets to know about your latest dates and outings. Since you are probably on speaking or "texting" terms, then tell your ex stories about your "hot" date. This could either amuse or irritate your ex. The point is, there is a reaction that could easily translate to jealousy.

Be spontaneous - Send your ex short "hello" messages. Leave your ex phone messages. Send him or her homemade choco chips cookies. Anything spontaneous will do. The idea is to be in contact with him or her one day then severe all communications the next couple of days or so. Keep your ex busy thinking what the heck you are up to.

Act as if you don't want your ex back - If your ex does not feel threatened with your "I want you back, take me back" spiel, then your ex will have a false sense of security and might actually take you out for a cup of coffee.

Improve yourself - Have a makeover. Do something to your hair. Have a new hair style and buy some new clothes. If your ex sees you looking well and good, he or she might wonder why you were dumped in the first place.

Move on, really - After doing all these tips and your ex has not made any move for reconciliation, move on.

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