How to Use Reverse Psychology to Get Your Ex Back - Ultra Effective Trick You Must Know

Published: 27th April 2010
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If traditional methods are bouncing right off your ex, then you might need to consider using reverse psychology to get your ex back to you. Here are 3 vital tips on how to use reverse psychology to get your ex back without your ex even realizing that he/she has been snared mentally....

Tip #1 - Simply do a David Blaine for a brief period. Use the immediate time afforded by the breakup to vanish from the sights of your ex. Your ex might start worrying after a few days about your mental and physical condition and might even start to miss you. Use this time to acquire a fresh new look so that when you do appear in front of your ex, he/she is left gasping for breath.

Tip #2 - Reappear with a bang, but stay out of reach. When you do reappear after a couple of weeks, ensure that you do so with a bang. Attend a party or social functions and impress your ex with your new look. Do not socialize with your ex but instead stay out of reach but well in sight. Your ex might soon start desiring something that is just out of reach and this reverse psychological move will sow the seeds of longing in your ex.

Tip #3 - Look ma, no ex! Indicate to your ex that you are now capable of managing your life on your own. This reverse move too will frighten your ex that you do not need him/her in your life anymore and might just move ahead in life on your own, or worse, hand-in-hand with another partner. This could be the proverbial last straw that will break your ex's resolve of not getting back with you and he/she will soon initiate moves of their own to win you back.

These 3 reverse psychological moves will make your ex react in the exact manner that you wish and you just might see your ex trying to win you back.

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